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Friday, 10 December 2010

My Three Brothers.

This poem was written when my Dad's son made contact with me. 

I have learned I'm not alone,
I'm not the only one.
Two brothers on the shore, I have,
These come from my Mum.

One brother isn't found,
This makes me very sad,
The 'Illusive One' I call him.
He comes from my Dad.

My Mum and Dad,
With wistful eyes,
Say they want then near.
I will do all I can
To make these boys appear!

Some years on
And two I've found, 
And contact we have had.
The 'illusive one' alludes me still,
I cry inward for my Dad.

Years go by, and life goes on,
All trying I have stopped.
The postman comes, a letter comes,
Which on my mat he dropped.

Yawning, stretching, to the door,
I go and get my mail.
I bet it's just another bill,
Guaranteed, no fail.

I open it, and read the note,
My beating heart went still.
This letter has come to me
From my brother, Phil!

My Mum and I had met her sons,
My Dad had met them too.
We started on relationships 
To build them from brand new.

But, Philip, the 'Illusive one',
Contact was much later.
The saddest thing I recall,
By then..... we had lost Pater.


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